Examples of Student Projects

For the ten years that I have been teaching college, I have experimented with digital assignments, especially, the final thesis-driven digital essay. Below are some of products created by my students, most of whom had no programming knowledge or previous experience with digital projects. These projects inspire me to continue to pushing students beyond their comfort zone (i.e. the traditional 5-paragraph printed essay) to explore the intersections of creative-critical analysis in and through digital media. Take a look!

SDSU (2014-present)

21st-Century Experimental Novel
Jared Zeider’s creative critical project about Steven Hall’s The Raw Shark Texts:I caught a Ludovician”

Book History
Morgan Gates writes a hypertext essay on Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons

Katie Chestnut responds to Hélène Cixous’s seminal “Laugh of the Medusa” in a Twine-story

Digital Literature
-Denise Chang’s essay on Netprov
Juston McKee uses digital comics to present an argument about media-specific analysis
Jenna Church’s project on memes
-Andrew Perez’s interactive fiction essay (screenshot of the IF game below)
andrew's IFe essay

Digital Humanities: Digital Literacy
Natalie Wilson’s essay on posthuman bodies and Patchwork Girl

UCSD (2013-2014)
The Book in the Digital Age:
IMG_1529IMG_0058Quonphoto (5)Howe2Hu and Yu

YALE (2008-2011)
Digital Literature
Lydia Martin’s midterm remix of Jim Andrew’s “stir-fry text,” Blue Hyacinth
-James Pollack’s exploration and adaptation of Jason Nelson’s three-dimensional space
Medieval Manuscripts to New Media: Studies in the History of the Book

UCLA 2006
As a graduate student and teaching associate at UCLA, I experimented with having students create digital essays using Dreamweaver. Some of them remain my favorite projects and inspire me to continue to pushing students to explore the intersections of creative-critical analysis.
-Jaimie Castillo’s “Art Speigelman’s Memorial to Human Experience: In The Shadow of No Towers ‘Before 9/11′” uses the format of comics to present literary critical analysis.
James Schoensiegel’s “”The Haunting in/of Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carriedpresents an original musical score to structure the pace of reading the essay