Professional Service

Contemporary Literature
, Associate Editor of American Fiction

Contemporary Literature
publishes scholarly essays on contemporary writing in English, interviews with established and emerging authors, and reviews of recent critical books in the field. CL published the first articles on Thomas Pynchon and Susan Howe and the first interviews with Margaret Drabble and Don DeLillo; it also helped to introduce Kazuo Ishiguro, Eavan Boland, and J.M. Coetzee to American readers. As a forum for discussing issues animating the range of contemporary literary studies, CL features the full diversity of critical practices.

American Literary History, Editorial Board
Covering the study of US literature from its origins through the present, American Literary History provides a much-needed forum for the various, often competing voices of contemporary literary inquiry.

Digital Humanities Quarterly, Articles Editor
Digital Humanities Quarterly
(DHQ) is an open-access, peer-reviewed, digital journal covering all aspects of digital media in the humanities.
-I am proud of the special issue that co-edited, with Lisa Swanstrom, titled “The Literary” (2013)
-Also, check out this cool visualization of DHQ‘s citation network

Dichtung-Digital Journal Board of Directors
Dichtung-Digital is an online peer-reviewed journal for art and culture in digital media. Under the guidance of Roberto Simamowski since 1999, the journal has published essays, interviews, and reviews in English and German. The site is getting a reboot in 2013, and I am happy to be part of its new editorial board.

ELO (Electronic Literature Organization) Board of Directors (2013)
The Electronic Literature Organization was founded in 1999 to foster and promote the reading, writing, teaching, and understanding of literature as it develops and persists in a changing digital environment. ELO is a non-profit organization that includes writers, artists, teachers, scholars, and developers. I served as Programs Assistant and then Associate Director of ELO when it was housed at UCLA (2001-2004), and I am pleased to now serve as a board member.

MLA Media and Literature Executive Committee, Past-President 
I served on the executive committee (2009-2014) and was president from 2012-2013 for the Modern Language Association’s Discussion Group.