Upcoming Talks

Transmedial Collaboration: new approaches to electronic literature
Jessica Pressman and Mark Marino
Thu April 3, 4pm
UC Santa Barbara
Drs. Pressman and Marino will discuss new approaches to the study of electronic literature — in particular, how scholars can use collaborative interpretive practices to approach complex, multi-model forms (including multimedia, new media, and games) in ways that produce new interdisciplinary discoveries. They will touch on some of the many forms their collaboration has taken — including a book project, an ACLS grant, an online workshop, and the development of a new web platform for collaborative interpretations. A discussion with audience participation will be moderated by Pressman and Marino’s collaborator, Jeremy Douglass.

“Bookish Electronic Literature: Remediating the Paper Arts through a Feminist Perspective”
Electronic Literature Organization Conference
June 19-21, 2014