Prof. Pressman Contact Info         HERE: Syllabus_CAT2 final
Office Hours: T, Th 10-11 and 1-2 in PCNYH (Sixth College, Pepper Canyon) 219 & by appointment

Regarding Email Correspondence
This class focuses on how technologies and technical formats for writing affect rhetorical content, so you need to be mindful of your own use of email.  Consider email for what it is— an epistolary form of text-based communication.  Craft your emails to me and to other students accordingly: with respect and with respectful use of language.  This means that the email must include a subject line, an address, thoughtful and respectful prose in the body paragraph, and a signature.  Also, although email is a nearly instantaneous mode of communication, do not expect my responses to be so.  Do not expect me to respond within 24 hours to any email and certainly not one sent on the eve of a deadline; this means that you need to plan in advance in order to receive the kind of feedback and attention you need before deadlines approach.

One Response to Prof. Pressman Contact Info

  1. Alvin Lee says:

    Dear Prof. Pressman,
    I came across a YouTube video about Comic Sans and typography from one of my favorite YouTubers and I thought that I would like to share it with the rest of the class. The video is provided in this link:

    -Alvin Lee

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