Update on the Digital Humanities Initiative at SDSU

“Digital Humanities” describes efforts to study digital technologies and culture, employ computational practices in research and teaching, and reflect upon the impact of the digital. The Digital Humanities Initiative at SDSU seeks to promote such critical engagement by providing a hub for strategic innovation and collaboration across campus.

In its first year (2014-2015) the Digital Humanities Initiative accomplished a great deal:-We held a THATCamp: Diving into Digital Humanities (October 2014), which welcomed 150 participants from 6 UCs, 5 CSUs, and 6 private colleges.
-We stimulated faculty interest by facilitating a faculty research group and a faculty working group in innovating with digital technologies
-We held tools workshops, scholarly lectures, and digital literature reading events
—And, you can see more about all of this on our website: dh.sdsu.edu

We were awarded an NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant to build and strengthen digital humanities teaching through the development of a San Diego regional network.

We were awarded an Area of Excellence, which means that “Digital Humanities and Global Diversity” will now be a center of research at SDSU.

So… we did a lot! I am thrilled, proud, and exhausted! Bring on the summer!